- 192 full color pages
- Laminated hardcover
- Pocket-size (9x12.5 cm)

- Worldwide shipping

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Globetrotter's LogBook® #1 - Countries
of the World:
a unique note and souvenir booklet for passionate travellers. Including :

- Flag, key figures and souvenir space for the
  world’s current 193 independent countries and
  their 58 Dependencies & Territories
- Detailed Vaccination and Flight Register
- NoteBook, Maps, Conversion Tables
- Interesting Travel Websites per Country
- Travel Quotes & Interesting Facts
- FREE access to the Globetrotter’s Ranking©


Globetrotter's LogBook® #6 - Flanders' Six Divine Cities
A great little note and souvenir book/mini-travel guide for visitors

Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, is a Walhalla for city-hoppers. Scarcely an

hour’s drive from each other, are no fewer than six gorgeous traditional yet trendy

cities offering an unbelievable array of beautiful things to see and ex-perience. Anyone coming to explore historical pearls such as Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen will definitely love our newest Globetrotter's LogBook®: a unique pocket-sized notebook, souvenir booklet and mini-travel guide, all in one, featuring 118 top sights to see before you die, carefully selected by the Flemish Tourist Office. Compact, informative. Up to date. With clear maps and interesting websites. With addresses, opening times, entrance fees and accommodation details. With plenty of room to include a personal souvenir that captures the memory of every city and sight. For making notes about heaven knows what while you explore Flanders' Six Divine Cities. In other words: a real Globetrotter's LogBook®!

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The Globetrotter's LogBook® as a gift: what a great idea!

For €3,95 extra, we wrap your Globetrotter's LogBook® in thick brown paper with some real historic stamps. Then, we tie it up with an old fashioned string, we write your personal message by hand on the card and send it directly to the chosen one who's getting this present. Wherever he or she lives on this blue planet of ours.

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