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Just the job for globetrotters
The Globetrotter’s LogBook® #1 - Countries of the World is a beautifully produced and highly unusual pocket-sized souvenir book for people who like traveling. Every one of the world’s current 193 countries (and their 58 overseas dependencies) are listed in alphabetical order, complete with flags, capital cities, information, details about their time zones, currencies, land area, population, interesting travel-websites, etc. - the list goes on.

Also -and this is what makes the book so unusual- each country has room for a
small personal souvenir: the rubberstamp from the hotel where you stayed,
some fun words of farewell from your ski instructor, your own personal copy of that beautiful postage stamp you loved so much, a dried petal from your favorite flower, and so on - whatever you want to keep to remind you of your trip. And, of course,
the more creative you are with your memories, the more unique and personal your Globetrotter’s LogBook® will become as time goes by.

But there’s even more. The Globetrotter's LogBook® #1 also features a very handy Vaccination Log in which you can keep a structured and up-to-date record of the jabs you have had as you embark on your adventurous life. Many travelers will also enjoy the detailed Flight Register with -believe it or not- room for the flight captain’s signature and your seat number!

And as the crowning argument to convince you that you simply cannot live without this wonderful book, we should also tell you that owners of a Globetrotter’s LogBook® can not only enter an exciting Travel Photo Contest, but can also use the Globetrotter's Ranking©, a unique database of and for globetrotters.

Come on - admit it: what self-respecting globetrotter can resist all that?
For only 12.95 euro?

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